Friday, July 3, 2015

Tired but not sleepy

Relaxing night in the hotel last night didn't happen. My hubby ate two heaping plates of fried food last night at the buffet. And was in the bathroom a dozen times during the night. He will never learn.
It is pretty quite at home tonight.The youngest two are gone. My daughter camping with family and almost thirteen year son on a trip with my in-laws to Colorado.
My husbands brother lost his son in Afghanistan in 2011. They live in Colorado and take part in local events. It is our sons first time going that far from home. He was ready to go. Him and his father(hubby) argue a lot. He is at the age were he doesn't want to do what we tell him. And in his eyes we are stupid-don't know anything.
I really don't remember my oldest two being this definite.
My frig was totally bare this morning. I asked my eighteen year old if he wanted me to pick him up anything. He said NO. I ten minutes ago he looks in the restocked frig and said there was nothing to eat.
I decided that today I would stock up on fruits and veggies. Which my twelve and eighteen year old boys view as poison.  Were they get the I don't know. My nine year old and twenty-one year old love veggies. My eighteen year old will stop eating if he spots a tiny fleck of onion or pepper in his spaghetti sauce.
Tonight I am going to relax with a facial mask, UV blue and lemonade, and X-file reruns on Netflix.

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