Monday, August 3, 2015

Super tight week

I pray we can find the money for everything we need this month. Right now I don't know were it will come from. Rent came out the 1st which without overtime is his whole check for the week. That means no groceries for the week. I have to be creative because with no overtime the cupboard and frig. or pretty bare. Be I grow up with no money so I can make it through to the end of week.  I haven't worked for years because I drive the kids around and voleenter. They are in more and more activities but I am going to have to find a job. My husband doesn't want to help with the kids.

I am at a loss. I don't know what to do. Beside the regular bills. We have school reg. and lunch accounts. Vehicle tags and insurance is due. Still paying on for hospital bills and very large dentist bill. Dance registration. Football fees. College. State fair because my daughter is in competition.Birthdays.

I am giving up my Dr Pepper habit. Which is going to be rough. But need to cut budget.

Started on Probiotic Acidophilus seams to help. Used to take more vitamins. But the good ones cost money. I will slowly get back to that when my budget is a little better.

I needed caffeine fix so I had to be creative. I have coffee in the house but only like it with flavored creamer or cool with sweetened condensed milk for iced coffee.Did have either. Found recipe on internet for iced coffee half and half but I used milk. Vanilla extract and honey. Worked.

Washer still broke and don't have money to fix it. Have to go to laundromat or once in a will to in-laws but they are 20 miles away. Then dry them at home.

Girl Scouts is going to start back up. Which I am a leader. Also 4-H. Sunday school and confirmation. Football and Volleyball. Regular dance four classes. I take care all the box tops for school. September calender is full.  I am tired just thinking about it!