Monday, July 6, 2015

Getting back to writing

The forth I set up a writing area. Took apart my dresser to make a desk.  Put all my cloths in my closet. I have no spare rooms to use. So this was my solution.
Had a quit forth. Hamburgers, beers and jello cake. My go to forth desert. This ones from Pinterest.

Yesterday my daughter had one of her compations. She is in a tap trio that do anywhere from 5-9 compations a Summer. They have been doing it for 3 years now. They won the one last week.  So they get to go and perform at State Fair for 3rd year in a row. I am not in love with driving to these comps but as long as she wants to do it I will.  They also get calls to perform. They perform before a Harlem Globe Troter game this year. One parent sounds like they don't want to do a comp on Sun. Which would of been okay if I know about it earlier. I could of had other plans. I hate it when others think their lives are more imported then mine. Today I am trying not to stress out.

Went to Hotel last night. We had a free room. Daughter swam and I sat in hot tub.
We had to get back so she could do basketball and cheer day camps.

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